Inch loss wraps are amazing for: Reducing water retention, skin tone and appearance, stretch marks and cellulite, losing inches, firming,They kick start the bodys own fat burning process and are great as a detox!

The treatment begins with a full body brush and exfoliation, hot fat burning procuct is applied, you will be wrapped in bandages and lie on a heated massage table with a rejuvinating eye mask wile you get pampered from head to toe, this is the most rerlaxing way to loose weight!! 

Inch loss body wraps

  • This will be done at Healing Hands by trained professionals.

  • What dose the treatment involve ..
    We will take measurements before treatment , apply the inch loss product with lymphatic drainage massage teqniques , wrap the body tight in bandages , this is the nice part.. Lie on the heated massage table wrapped in blankets wile you recieve a reflex foot massage (this will work to eliminate toxins from the body also ) product is removed at the end and results recorded
    Start your new year with a detox
    Helps with
    Weight loss
    Stretch marks
    Loose skin
    Water retention
    Stretch marks
    Detox body
    Skin tone and appearance

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