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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

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To begin our Leanne fitness weight loss plans we need to detoxify the body, toxins are built up in the body from the foods we eat especially found in.. alcohol, sugary foods, bread, milk, tea and coffee, processed food, fizzy drinks (especially diet drinks).

When our body is full of toxins this is what the stubborn fat holds onto, so were working on the theory of remove the toxins remove the stubborn fat.

Diet products and drinks are worse than the full fat options just a bit of background on this as it confuses a lot of people.. Your body cant tell the difference between sugar and a sweetener that’s in diet products so it will cause the same response when consumed, it will store as fat, but instead of getting the sugar your body is just getting the chemicals from the sweetener so never buy low fat reduced fat diet etc..

It sounds scary to start with ,and I don’t believe in ever restricting the body or cutting out a certain food group as then this becomes a fad diet .. Which will only work for so long its not a long term plan, this needs to be a lifestyle change not a fad diet or a quick fix!

There are lots of diets out there and slimming clubs and a lot focus on weight .. The weight which you see on the scales.. I no you will most likely want to see this number come down and for a lot of people it dose but I need to explain the importance of not relaying solely on this as a tool and guideline for your success and weight loss.. When I started training I weighed 7 stone but was a size 10 to 12 once I followed my healthy eating plans which I still follow and swear by to this day my weight on the scales went up to 8 stone.. But I dropped to a size 6!!

This is just a great example of why scale weight isn’t always relevant we can use it as a rough guide but don’t let that depress you and get obsessed every week checking it!

We want to see your body fat drop, muscle tone increase( when we have more muscle tone we burn fat even when we are not training, it raises our metabolism) this is why weight training is good to help burn fat rather than just cardio exercise so its great you can go 5 6 times a week to the gym you will see results quicker

On our 7 day detox we need to cut down and eventually cut out the food on the list at the start, we need to flush out the system with fresh water at least 2 litres a day ( drinking water increases the metabolisum ) green tea is a natural fat burner so I recommend having with every meal I love the mint one but any flavour will work.

Once the 7 day detox is complete you should see a big difference already especially with following your exercise plans, you will now have 1 cheat meal a week this can be on any day and whatever you like, this will help kick start your metabolisum again after a week of clean eating

You will get to the stage were you realise you feel better, healthier and have a lot more energy eating clean, that when you have your cheat meal you wont enjoy it as much as you thought you would

Loosing weight is not just about food and exercise its a lot to do with your mind, you have to be mentally ready to change your lifestyle for the better and eating habits after 14 days it becomes a habit and gets a lot easier, getting enough sleep plays a big part in weigh loss as this is when our body’s get chance to  rest recover and repair I recommend meditation , yoga and Pilates as its essential to helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Positive thinking is the main focus to get us started and keep us on track, you need to find what works for you.. Hang a dress up in your kitchen that you would like to fit into.. Put a screen saver on your phone of your dream body .. Whatever works use it

It takes time to put on weight it will take time to get it off take it a day at a time I am with you every step of the way I am on hand 24 hours a day you can call or txt or email, I will keep you motivated if you have any questions if there is anything food or exercise you need adapting don’t hesitate to ask

Your next step is too take a before photo measurements and weight this way we have your starting point)

Good luck

Repeat after me.. I CAN I WILL

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