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How to get a flat stomach and six pack abs !!!

The night before my 1st power lifting competition after just making my weigh in 50kg

Hi guys!!!

So i asked all of you lovely Leanne Fitness clients what you wanted my first blog to be about ... and the majority of your questions were about abs!!!!

How to get a flat stomach?

How to stop bloating ?

How to see definition and loose body fat?

What foods to have and avoid ?

What abs exercises to do?

Well your in luck because i will answer all of your questions , i am the queen of getting my clients defined stomach muscles and big booty gainz!!!

There is no quick fix or 1 answer and for every one it is different in many ways but i will list some of the main things to be mindful of that will hopefully help

100% is diet !!! i never mean a fad diet/ don't eat type of thing, i mean a nutritionally balanced healthy lifestyle

Leanne fitness plans were designed to get you the best results

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and weight management specialist, but lets face it ,any one can qualify to do this, what makes the difference is i have been there and done it myself, so you know that everything i give you has been tried and tested, i have had to put weight on for body building competitions and loose it again to make weight for power lifting competitions, with 15 years of experience trust me when i say i can get you results but you have to want it bad enough first

Along with correct nutrition we need to be avoiding toxic foods that will store body fat especially usually on our stomach area these include:


sugar and sweetener


milk (unless almond rice etc)

processed foods

caffeine( excessive amounts of tea and coffee)

I always recommend starting your plan with a detox to get the best results

WATER is a massive issue so many of us don't drink enough and are dehydrated and don't even notice .. you wonder why your so hungry and usually because you haven't drank anything all day except a cup of tea which dose not count !! haha

I always recommend adding fruit to your water in a diffuser ( cucumber is good for bloating , lemon and mint for a detox)

Obviously exercise is a BIG part of it we need to be adding the right nutrients in and burning enough calories to create a calorie deficit

I have a 10 minute ab circuit you can do along side your Leanne fitness diet and exercise plans to get you amazing abs in no time :

1. crunches ( legs up 90 degrees) hands cradle head

2. ankle touches ( feet flat knees bent reach heels)

3.leg raises ( sit on hands lift and lower legs)

4. bum lifts / sky kicks ( legs up straight kick the sky sitting on hands

5. plank ( on knees or toes engage core)

6. side plank ( on forearm and knee)

7. same on next side

8.mountain climbers( in plank position run legs in and out)

9.burpees ( stand, place hands down, jump legs out and in repeat

10. back extensions (lie on stomach, hands on temples, lift ad squeeze glutes and lower back

* do each exercise for 1 min * only 10 mins needed a day in addition to your diet and exercise plan

The main thing to focus on is a mind to muscle connection so picture the stomach muscles working, getting lean toned and strong

*i must just say ladies obviously once we have had babies it is a lot harder but still possible, we have pre and post natal plans for you, but make sure you give yourself enough time it can take a good year for our bodies to recover from such a big stress like childbirth be kind to you!

The worst thing you can do is do the same thing every day!! you need to keep mixing it up and shocking your body we want to push ourselves to work hard so it hurts for days after * the pain you feel after a workout means we are still burning calories even days after, 1 main reason why we see better results from weight training rather than just cardio exercise alone

* make sure when training we are in the correct heart rate zone * we will go more into this in our next blog !!


The part that every one finds most difficult, we start, usually don't see results quick enough get impatient and then think f*ck it, its not working any way whats the point !!

This is were it comes in handy to do the odd 1 on 1 personal training session its great you have a diet and exercise plan to follow at home or to take to the gym but if you feel like your lacking motivation and need some one to push you we have a private 1 on 1 studio to get you the results you want, this will kick start that positive mind set again and helps as you have some one to answer too

Rest is also important , listen to your body, this advice is for men and women but ladies when its that time of the month you know your stomach will bloat right?!

Yes its not fair but there is nothing we can do about it, give yourself a break we cant have a visible six pack all year round and 5 percent body fat its not healthy and not achievable

so make sure your not trying to achieve something that is unhealthy in the first place, set realistic goals *epsom salts help with bloating *


correct diet, supplements, rest and recovery help, yoga and Pilates are amazing , meditation and positive thinking are also the key

i am a massive believer in positive thinking so visualize your dream body, put it on your screen saver , then work your ass of until you achieve it!!

Leanne fitness inch loss wraps are amazing at getting rid of water retention, cellulite, stretch marks and kick starting our own body's fat burning process , keep checking the Facebook page and website for special offers and weight loss package deals !!!

anything is possible remember excuses are for the lazy!

It all comes down to how bad you want it

You can have excuses or results never both

look out for our blog next month ladies and gents

get working them abs!!!

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