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How to build that booty...

Ladies.. this ones for you ..

We all want the booty gainz right??

Well here is everything you need to know ..

Squats alone will never give you the results that you so desperately want

We need to target every section of the glutes to get maximum results

The 'gluteus maximus' is the biggest muscle in the body , but never gets worked as it should

A lot have no idea how to really activate these muscles and unfortunately the ones who do feel self conscious training in the gym doing the random exercises so miss them out!

The good news is all the exercises i will give you can be done from home with no equipment !!

So the basics.. there are 3 sections of the glutes we need to target

1. maximus



We need a variation of exercises to make sure we are hitting each part of the muscle rather than just 1 part

i will give you 10 exercises to follow to build the booty of your dreams ..

For your warm up we can do 10 minuets on the stepper/ summit trainer or treadmill on an incline of 15 (fast pace walking)

1.squats * make sure feet are shoulder width, head and chest is up, keep heals flat, push up through heels and not toes and really squeeze bum at the top!! x20

2. lunges * if you can have your back foot raised on a step, this will give you more range of movement , back knee goes down, push up through front heal, squeeze bum at top x10 each side

3. bridge * lie on back, feet flat, knees bent, push hips up to ceiling, squeeze bum at top x20

4.single leg bridge * take 1 leg away ( point up to the ceiling) these are a lot harder so build up with only 5 each side

5. back extensions *turn over on to stomach, hands on temples, lift head and chest and legs, squeeze bum and lower back x20

6. Kick backs * on all 4s, right leg first, 90 degree bend, kick sky, keeping rest of body still and back flat, squeeze glutes (make the bu, lift your leg) 30 seconds then swap legs

7. pulse *same position on all 4s. leg out straight this time, pulse and burn for 30sec, then swap sides

8. Rainbows * same position,right leg out straight, now take your leg over your left side and toe touch as far over as you can, try not twist the rest of your body, keep core still, 30 seconds then repeat on left leg

9. curtsy lunges * standing, feet shoulder width, head and chest up, take 1 leg behind the other, back knees goes down and push back to start ( this will target the sides of your legs and bum ) x20

10. side lunge * take 1 leg out wide, head and chest up, lean all your weight to the side and down , keeping heal flat and push back up through it, squeeze bum, at top, 30 sec 1 side then swap

The key to all of these exercises is getting the mind to muscle connection .. we cant just exercise and not think of the muscles we need to physically make them work, we need to imagine them getting bigger stronger, more lifted and toned, we need to squeeze and engage them on every move so nice and slow and controlled so were not cheating

There are more reasons to do bum exercises than just the obvious .. how good you look in jeans ..

The glutes support our whole body, they keep our body stable and up right, they are usually the reason we end up with injuries

As a qualified massage therapist i see so many clients who come in suffering with lower back pain and 9 times out of 10 the reason is tight glutes, this usually happens as we dont train them correctly and spend far too much time sitting on them, plus we never stretch them , by working them correctly and making sure we stretch them thoroughly we can also improve our back pain issues

Stretch : lie on your back, place 1 foot on your opposite knee, if you can reach both hands through the gap in your legs and try to relax, you should feel this almost in your hip and the sides of your glutes, relax and hold for 15 seconds and swap sides

Now lie out flat on your back, hug 1 knee into your chest, take this leg all the way over and across your leg thats out straight, hold for 15 seconds and swap sides

If you want even more ideas we offer 1 on 1 personal training sessions at our private studio or offer online home exercise plans tailored to you!!

So our first step as always is to take a before booty pic then we can see how much were improving!!

Keep checking out our monthly blog updates to keep you motivated

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Repeat after me ladies .. I CAN I WILL

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