Diet Plan

I personally hate the word DIET!!


This had to be a healthy lifestyle change. I'm not saying you will never eat anything bad ever again, cheat meals are a must to shock the body again. This will kick start your metabolism again and if we cut out bad foods forever we increase our need and cravings for them so after the first 7 day detox make sure you have 1 day were you have anything you like. 

Check out or online store to find a plan to suit your needs we have lots to choose from if your unsure what to order please feel free to contact us 

"Leanne has done me an individual exercise plan. She listened to my required and tailored it to my need. Nothing is too much trouble with the help and support she provides along the way and answers any questions you might have. If you follow Leanne's plan you will achieve the results you want. I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone."

-Jason Windley

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Please consult your Doctor before performing any exercise

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